Hello! My name is Mariah McIntyre.  I am starting a business  by making and designing pillows, I only do t-shirt pillows for now.  Once I sell a few of them I will buy myself a sewing machine and start selling square pillows. Below the sponsors there is one of the t-shirt pillows I hav made.  I also have free ringtones. A dollar of every profit I make will be donated to Kidd's Kids, which is a charity that sends terminally and chronically ill children to Walt Disney World each year.  If you would like to donate more to Kidd's Kids or donate to me for supplies, then click donate below.  When you donate please tell me what it is for in the message box.  This is something I enjoy very much and I will gladly make a pillow for you or anyone you know, for more information or any question please feel free to contact me .  Thank you very much for your time! 




If you would like to advertise by becoming a sponsor, please e-mail me and I will let you know everything you need to know.